U.S. Gold Production Declined 7% During First 9 Months of 2014

I have long argued that gold would bottom around the all-in cost of production and this would provide price support. This is because as the price drops below the cost to produce, miners will be forced to shut down or suspend operations. This reduces supply and lower supply is supportive of prices, assuming demand remains […]

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Loss of Control: Is Economic Collapse Near?

The following article by Bill Holter presents some interesting ideas around why the collapse that many have been anticipating for the past few years has yet to occur. This comes on the heels of the CME announcing a $400 wide gold circuit breaker yesterday, banks sneaking legislation into the budget that puts the U.S. taxpayers […]

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2014 Silver Eagle Sales Break Annual Record at Over 43 Million!

Silver Eagle sales in 2014 have already broken the 2013 annual record with a few weeks of sales still left to be counted. As of December 11, the U.S. Mint reported that 43.1 million silver eagles have been sold so far in 2014. This compares to the 42.7 million during all of 2013, which was the previous […]

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Mainstream Media Finally Admits to Massive Gold Manipulation (Video)

The disparagement of gold today is that its price has not kept up with inflation.  The reason is that central banks have created this vast imaginary paper supply of gold through gold swaps and gold leases so that there is probably ten ounces of paper gold sold for every ounce of gold that exists. And […]

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France Joins Growing List of Countries Attempting to Repatriate Their Gold

A run on real money appears to be underway. While they may not officially acknowledge it, I believe political leaders around the globe are realizing that the gold they stored with Western banking institutions may no longer be there.

They are scrambling in desperation to get their gold back, but it may be a game of musical […]

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Swiss Gold Referendum Explained (Infographic)

The Swiss Gold Referendum, if passed, will mean that the Swiss National Bank must hold 20% of all assets as gold, Switzerland will repatriate the 30% of their gold held abroad by England and Canada and may no longer sell any gold they accumulate.

While support is down in recent polling, anything is possible on November […]

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Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap

The following piece by Dmitry Kalinichenko for Investcafe.ru suggests that Putin is using manipulated gold and energy prices to combat Western powers. Putin’s response to the West resembles both chess and judo, when the strength used by the enemy is used against him, but with minimal costs to the strength and resources of the defender. This comes […]

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Silver Eagles Sold Out at U.S. Mint Amid Huge Demand

In the past, articles about silver shortages were published mostly by precious metals’ websites. However, today’s news that U.S. Silver Eagles are sold out at the U.S. Mint was covered by CNBC and Reuters.

I had just written to subscribers this morning about watching for premiums to rocket higher and supply disruptions to start taking place. This happens […]

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Silver Eagle Sales Climb 87% Higher in October


Silver Eagle sales for the month of October were the highest of the year at 5,790,000. This is up 40% versus September and a whopping 87.5% versus October of last year. With 38 million Silver Eagles sold thus far in 2014, the 2013 record of 42.7 million coins may very well be broken.

Investors appear to be taking advantage of […]

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Aurcana Sets New Production Record During Q3, Time to Buy?

Our ‘miner spotlights’ will periodically highlight mining companies with significant news such as high-grade drill results, the release of economic studies, takeover rumors, insider buying or other events. This will allow subscribers the opportunity to perform their own due diligence and potentially identify mining stocks at the start of a new major uptrend. We never […]

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